Lorene Summey Celebrates Her 105th Birthday

Originally Written by Kevin Ellis of the Gaston Gazette News Network.
Photos Provided by Somerset Court of Cherryville.


A  Cherryville woman's first birthday party ever at age 105 turned out just perfect Friday night. Line dancers and square dancers performed routines to entertain her, 12-year-old Lily brought her 10-week-old yellow Labrador named Nina for her to pet and she even got the chance to meet a miniature pony named Daniel Jackson.

When her 66-year-old boyfriend, Joseph, fell ill, his brother, Ronnie Parks, stepped in to do the honors of providing the first dance of the night.

Lorene Summey wanted to get 105 birthday cards − one for each year of her life − but ended up with more than 1,200 cards, and more are arriving daily, say her caregivers at Somerset Court in Cherryville. A birthday card arrived Thursday from Wisconsin, meaning Summey has received at least one happy birthday wish from all 50 states. Other cards have arrived from as far away as England.

Cherryville Mayor H.L Beam was on hand to wish her happy birthday as was Gaston County Commissioner Allen Fraley. Gov. Roy Cooper declared her actual birthday, Nov. 23, as "Lorene Summey Day" in Gaston County. Beam called the Cherryville native the oldest person living in either Gaston or Lincoln counties, and the oldest member of First Baptist Church of Cherryville.

Summey wore a jeweled tiara on her head and a pink Western dress decorated with a bright, flowery design. Members of the Cherryville Police Department and town firefighters escorted her in to her party

"I can't believe it," said Summey. "It's so unreal."

About 200 or more people attended Summey's birthday party at the rest home when she resides. She wanted a hoe down, and staff decorated the main dining hall to look like a barn. Summey clapped along to the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe," as she and the other residents smiled and enjoyed the dancing and music.

Ann Kozliner and Summey eat lunch together every day, and the younger woman was glad to see her friend having a good birthday.

"She has a wonderful spirit and a great attitude," said the 67-year-old woman. "She's thankful everyday to be alive."


Summey put herself through night school and worked at the former trucking company in town, Carolina Freight, for 39 years. Jennifer High of Vale remembered how her great-grandmother loved and cared for her "PawPaw," who died about 25 years ago.

"She was a very good caregiver. She was right there with my great-grandfather (Walt) until he passed," said High.


Summey's only child, 82-year-old Roger, talked about his mother as a strong woman who always showed him love, even when she was trying to get him to behave.

"She would yell at me a lot," he said. "I was into everything coming and going, but I had to listen."

In 51 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Guillermo Lesassier said he has cared for patients around the same age as Summey, but none in as good shape both physically and mentally. Summey asks questions during her medical visits and carries on conversations easily.

"She is blessed by God," her doctor said.

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